Storytelling 101 March 5, 2018

    Storytelling 101:
    Five weeks w/final performance

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    Classes - Story District HQ

    • Monday Mar 5 - Apr 9
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    This class runs from Mondays, March 5 through April 9, 2017 from 7-10pm.  

    Story District's Storytelling 101 is an intensive five-week course that will take you step-by-step through the process of how to identify and talk about meaningful narrative events in your life in a way that is entertaining and inspiring to the audience. These stories are personal, heartfelt, and demand that the storyteller be honest with yourself and an audience. Through a combination of theory and practice and a focus on tangible outcomes, you will leave this class with an understanding of narrative structure, several story ideas, and a single performance-ready story that will debut at the final performance.

    The 6:1 teacher-student ratio allows for a great deal of individual attention and is a reflection of our commitment to the success of each student. Students who join the class come from varied backgrounds and have different goals and applications. Some hope to perform on a Story District stage, others have found storytelling useful in the work they do, and others just enjoy the creative process and the community. Story District's teachers are sincerely some of the best and most experienced in the nation, and have coached hundreds of people through this process of personal growth and discovery and will do the same for you.

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    Refund Policy

    Story District does not give refunds (full or partial) for voluntary withdrawal from the class. There are limited slots in the class so that we may give sufficient attention to each student. Because of this, we typically have to turn people away. Should you choose to withdraw, we will have a vacancy that we can no longer fill.

    Katy Barrett


    Stephanie Garibaldi is Story District's most senior teacher (which does not make her old, just wise). She curates and directs Story District's 2nd Tuesday monthly stage, and over the last eight years, she has personally coached more than 1,000 people in the art of contemporary storytelling. What?! It's true... this woman has no threshold when it comes to her love of storytelling!

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    Meredith Maslich


    Mike Baireuther grew up in Texas and Pennsylvania, which were both great places to pursue his bad ideas. He has been storytelling for 5 years, getting his start in Atlanta before moving to DC and becoming a regular at Story District shows.

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    Week 1
    • Monday, March 5

      Class 1

      Finding story material + understanding story structure

      Story District HQ 3329 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC
      7pm - 10pm
    Week 2
    • Tuesday, March 13

      Field Trip

      Use your free ticket to Story District's 2nd Tuesday Storytelling Series at Town.

      See Show Calendar for details

      Town Danceboutique 2009 8th St, NW, Washington, DC
    Week 3
    • Monday, March 19

      Class 2

      Crafting your story + developing characters


      Story District HQ 3329 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC
      7pm - 10pm
    Week 4
    • Monday, March 26

      Class 3

      Editing + polishing

      Story District HQ 3329 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC
      7pm - 10pm
    Week 5
    • Monday, April 2

      Class 4

      Practicing your story + Reviewing performance technique

      Story District HQ 3329 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC
      7pm - 10pm
    Week 6
    • Thursday, April 9

      Final Showcase

      This is your chance to try your story out on a friendly invite-only audience of friends and family.

    • Where

      Classes - Story District HQ 3329 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20010
    • When


      Monday Mar 5 - Apr 9


    • Payment

      Registration: $375 early bird till February 20th ($395 thereafter) Pay Now