Southern Garden Party
    Details June 20
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    Southern Garden Party

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    Join us for an evening of desserts, cocktails, and storytelling to benefit SpeakeasyDC. The event is part of the Tour de Telling fundraising competition between teams racing to raise funds for this important nonprofit that gives voice to so many.

    During the evening, we will feature an Acts of Service Auction & Sale. Instead of restaurant gift certificates and movie tickets, we will auction off acts that one person can perform for another to make his or her life easier, happier, or just more uplifting with a smile. Such acts draw us together as a community and as individuals---and that's what SpeakeasyDC is all about.

    **All proceeds from the Acts of Service will be designated to the John Kevin Boggs Memorial Fund.**

    Photo via Flickr ©dbr Atl all rights reserved. 

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      To be given on RSVP Near Capitol Hill Washington, DC
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