Not Kosher: True Stories of Breaking Rules and Wildly Inappropriate Behavior
    Details November 4

    Not Kosher: True Stories of Breaking Rules and Wildly Inappropriate Behavior

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    Bender JCC of Greater Washington

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    Not Kosher: True Stories of Breaking Rules and Wildly Inappropriate Behavior

    With a cast of storytellers chosen from our very own community, join us for an evening of hilarious stories about all those times they broke the rules and lived to tell the tales.

    WARNING: This might event spark your own memories of your rule-breaking, wild days!

    Tickets include a light reception.


    MC, Amy Saidman is Story District's Artistic Executive Director. She has been told she "walks Jewish" by someone who clearly "walked Catholic". She has spent many sweaty summers at Habonim Dror camps and a stint on Kibbutz Gezer. She swears she can still chant the first two words of her bat mitzvah Torah portion.

    Heidi Brodsky has been telling stories her entire life, just never on stage before. She is happily married (thanks, Michael!) with three amazing daughters: Alexa, Claire, and Jillian. As Board Chair of the Bender JCC, she’s doubly thrilled to be part of this incredible cast and to share the experience with cast mate Dr. Hookman, aka, Dad.

    Aaron Dworkin is the proud husband of Lauren and father to two sweet, never-tired children, Myles and Gabrielle. Aaron enjoys playing basketball, eating cookies, and reading the NY Times. He runs the After-School All-Stars National Network, a non-profit providing free afterschool and summer programs to 75,000 low-income students.

    Dr. Perry Hookman, after decades of work in private medical practice, is now a medical school teacher and author of several Gastroenterology textbooks. His biggest claim to fame by far though is being the father of our new JCC president and fellow cast member, Heidi Hookman Brodsky.

    Liz Norton is kind of obsessed with the power of story. Basically she has leveraged her entire professional career as a filmmaker on the idea that stories connect and inspire us so she really hopes that’s true. This is, however, her first time telling a story publicly about herself.

    Adam Polsky, formerly known as “Adam Gesher” from working for Camp JCC, is a title attorney by day and member of the JCC board. Adam may have missed his calling as a storyteller, though he won’t quit his day job yet. Thanks to his wife, Meredith, and their 3 children, who provide endless material.

    Stephanie Shweiki is a marketing professional, wife and mother of 3. Before having kids, she spent 10 years as a TV news producer covering national news from the Monica Lewinsky scandal, to 9/11. Stephanie was born and raised in Montreal, and is forever searching for the perfect local Deli.

    Director Stephanie Garibaldi has enjoyed teaching storytelling, leading story trainings, and directing storytelling shows for over a decade. She’s been a fan of breaking the rules for even longer. She's loved getting to work with this mega-talented cast and hopes their stories will inspire you to share your own experiences.


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      Bender JCC of Greater Washington
      Bender JCC of Greater Washington 6125 Montrose Road Rockville, MD 20852