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    It’s the giving season and we hope you’ll keep Story District in mind.

    Your tax-deductible donation will support ongoing and new programming, outreach and coaching for new voices, the re-launch of the Story District podcast, and expansion of our team.

    Story District fans often tell us that "our work is important” because, through storytelling, we promote understanding and build community at a time when we desperately need to find common ground and believe in our common humanity. 

    We are inspired to continue this work every time we hear comments like this, from partners like the GLBT Latino History Project who co-produced Queer Cuentos: Orgulla, Resilience, and Resistencia for Latino Heritage Month and National Coming Out Day: "Thank you... this meant a lot to our community... especially now... it's been a rough year for our community and people really appreciated this."

    And from veterans through our collaboration with Armed Services Arts Partnership who said things like: "I think anybody, like everybody, anywhere you go in the world, if you have the chance to take a storytelling class, do it because there’s so many layers to what we did in the last four weeks, it’s amazing."

    Make a single or recurring on-line donation or send a check made out to Story District to 3329 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20010

    Donate $50 or more and we'll send you Story District's limited-edition custom storytelling game cards featuring original artwork by Branddave and Story District themes from the last five years.

    See below for details on more donor benefits at multiple levels of giving
    $50 Set-up
    • Program Recognition
    • Deck of limited-edition custom Story District Game Cards
    $100 Inciting Incident
    • Benefits listed above, plus
    • Invitation to invite-only “story game night” with the Story District Game Cards (led by Story District director, Amy with special appearance by Story District mascot, Shorty)
    $250 Rising Action
    • Benefits listed above, plus
    • Invitation to dress rehearsals and other special events
    $500 Climax
    • Benefits listed above, plus
    • Invitation to meet-the-artists receptions on stage after some shows
    $1000 Falling Action
    • Benefits listed above, plus
    • Coffee & Coaching "date" with Amy, Story District's  Artistic Executive Director
    $2500 Resolution
    • Benefits listed above, plus
    • Two tickets to Pinot Memoir, a four-course wine & story pairing at Proof on March 26, 2018
    $5000 Epilogue
    • Benefits listed above, plus
    • VIP Balcony Box for Six to a Lincoln Theatre performance (two available for each show including Top Shelf on January 20, 2018 and Sucker for Love on February 10, 2018).

    *Note that the market value of each premium cannot, by law, be included in the tax-deductible portion of your donation.  Please notify us at, if you’d like to forfeit your premium, in order to maintain the entirety of your donation as tax-deductible.