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    Dear friends,

    We finally have our dream home where we can teach classes, hold rehearsals, have meetings, offer new programs, host community events, and foster our storytelling ecosystem. It’s a far cry from our humble beginnings in my living room, and we see infinite possibility. This is the biggest single investment we’ve ever made in the growth and development of our creative community.

    With your support, we hope to raise $50,000  to turn this new space into a vibrant hub for innovation, community, and excellence in storytelling. This year’s fundraising goal is our most ambitious ever, but we are confident with supporters like you we will reach it. We are just over halfway to our goal!

    Because this isn’t a story about us, it’s a story about you: audience members, storytellers, donors, and volunteers who share in a love of storytelling and who have made this all possible. It’s a story about the thrill of getting on stage for, perhaps, the first time in your life. Or about being part of a loving and lively audience that encourages each storyteller to shine. It’s a story about sharing a common experience and about hearing perspectives that have opened your mind and changed your worldview in unexpected ways.

    This is a critical and amazing moment for Story District. Please consider make a single donation of $25, $50, $100, $500 or more. Or consider becoming a monthly donor at the $10, $20, or even $50 a month.

    Story District was not an accident; we exist because of the commitment and dedication of our audience, storytellers, volunteers, board members, staff, and donors. Donors like you are the engine behind the scenes, helping to maintain and expand the quantity and quality of the programs you've grown to love. Your donation fuels this thriving community people seeking authenticity, creativity, and common ground.

    Thank you,

    Amy Saidman

    P. S. We are still setting up shop at the new space, but we can’t wait to invite all of our donors to special grand opening early in 2017.


    Doing this show was an incredible experience and one I will never forget.  -- First-time storyteller

    I think this is such a beautiful and inspirational gift to our community. -- First-time audience member at Out/Spoken