• Amy Saidman

      Executive Director and Senior Trainer

      Amy Saidman, Artistic Executive Director of Story District, has been the driving force behind the growth of storytelling as a performance genre in Washington, DC and regionally. Amy began teaching storytelling to adults in 2006 and has developed a curriculum and pedagogy for teaching the art of
      storytelling that includes more than five different classes at different levels and customized trainings for corporate, government, and nonprofit clients. She has designed and led trainings for the Inter-American Development Bank, Meridian Institute, Chemonics International, American University, NOAA, Docs in Progress, Peace Corps, National Assembly of Arts Agencies, Young Nonprofit Professional Network, and others.

    • Stephanie Garibaldi

      Senior Trainer

      Stephanie Garibaldi, Story District's most Senior Trainer, leads corporate training workshops, designs and teaches storytelling classes. Over the last eight years, Stephanie has personally coached well over 1,000 people in the art of contemporary storytelling in professional and artistic settings. Past clients include Deloitte & Touche, Nonprofit Roundtable of Northern VA, and Chemonics International.

    • Meredith Maslich

      Senior Trainer

      Meredith Maslich has introduced hundreds of people to the art of storytelling since joining the Story District faculty in 2008. She has led storytelling workshops for sales people and has experience in professional development for organizations like the Maryland Library Association, Georgetown University, and the Meyer Foundation. Meredith is the managing editor of the SpeakeasyDC blog and is a former SpeakeasyDC board president. 

    • Vijai Nathan

      Senior Trainer

      Vijai Nathan is one of Story District's senior storytelling trainers and performers and has led trainings for clients such as Meridian Insitute and the Inter-American Development Bank. She has performed at the Smithsonian Museum, Kennedy Center, Constitution Hall, Library of Congress and the Montreal International Comedy Festival. 

    Learn from the best

    Story District staff creates customized training and classes geared toward the needs of the individual or organization with which we are working. We convey the art of storytelling in a way that will help you develop your narrative, connect with your target audience, and successfully convey details and perspective. Together, our professional staff has helped prepare hundreds of speakers in business, government and nonprofit settings. Blending our proven storytelling methodology with our passion for the arts, we will teach you how to turn your presentation into a compelling and entertaining performance.