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    In March 2014, The Harvard Business Review posted an article in their blog: "The Irresistible Power of Storytelling as a Strategic Business Tool." Why? Well, as Johns Hopkins researcher Keith Quesenberry explains, “People are attracted to stories... because we’re social creatures and we relate to other people.” Storytelling has become popular among a range of people: business people, activists, fundraisers, change-makers, and thought leaders. This is because relating to other people is how you sell your idea, your product, your vision, and in the end, how you make a difference.

    In a survey of ten of Story District's clients 100% of respondents were likely to hire Story District again and to recommend Story District to another business. Respondents included Inter-American Development Bank, The Peace Corps, Temple Shalom, Arkansas State Arts Council, Linden Rescources, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Humanities Council of Washington, DC, and the NonProfit Roundtable. We have also worked with Chemonics International, Docs in Progress, the Meyer Foundation, the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, Deloitte & Touche, Meridian Institute, University of Maryland, Georgetown University, Montgomery College, and others.

    The Inter-American Development Bank, for instance, contracted Story District several times to prepare their field staff to tell a story for an internal audience of colleagues within the Bank. The goal of these events was to promote a better understanding of the work of the Bank, encourage a culture of knowledge-sharing, and improve communications and relations among colleagues. The program was structured into two parts – the first two hours were spent teaching the group about narrative structure and helping each person identify story ideas to pursue, and the second two hours were spent in small groups working on each person's story.


    UNDERSTANDING STORYTELLING - The 'what', 'why', 'how' and 'when' of telling true stories that will support your business/organization’s goals and mission

    In this interactive 90-min to two-hour session, participants gain an understanding of the 'what', 'why', 'how', and 'when' of storytelling: what are the qualities of a well-told story? Why are stories effective? How do you identify which stories will work? When might you find stories helpful? What stories do you already have? Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, partner activities, and group discussion, participants will leave with an understanding of narrative structure, a set of story “seeds”, and the tools to cultivate more stories and storytelling opportunities. 

    PRACTICING STORYTELLING - Develop your story with Story District’s master storytellers

    This is designed to follow "Understanding Storytelling” either immediately after on the same day, or another day.  Each participant will receive individualized attention from the trainers and have the opportunity to apply the skills they earned in "Understanding Storytelling" to find, craft, and perform a story. Each participant will identify a story that is relevant to the individual, company, or organization’s mission, goals and circumstances.  This workshop is highly customized to the specific needs of each participant and requires a 2:1 ratio per hour.

    MASTERING STORYTELLING - Perform your story for an audience and find your authentic voice

    Designed to follow "Understanding" and "Practicing Storytelling", this module involves intense coaching and prepping of participants over a two-week period for a final presentation organized by the company or organization. The presentation will be recorded and followed by a feedback session with Story District’s master-storytelling coaches.  

    COACHING STORYTELLING - Learn how to support others in their storytelling process

    Designed to follow "Understanding", "Practicing", and "Mastering Storytelling", Story District's master storytelling coaches will train participants in how to coach others through the process of demonstration, observation, and feedback. 


    Looking for a new and innovative ideas for your next conference, annual meeting or benefit event? Unique and compelling video, blog, or social media content? How about a Story District-style show just for you! Story District specializes in creating entertaining, inspiring, and memorable programs that promote your cause, mission, values, and goals in a fresh and engaging way with trues stories that are relateable and emotionally resonant. How it works: our expert story coaches select and coach a “cast” of storytellers drawn from your own community of stakeholders, staff, community members, clients, constituents and leaders. Over the course of several sessions, we find stories that fit your theme of choice and work to get each story “performance-ready”. Our signature brand of storytelling with authenticity, humor, and honesty is a powerful way build honest connection with your audience. Available add-ons: co-promotion of event and/or video production.

    Examples: USAID’s Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program commissioned Story District to develop a show featuring stories about global health; and Rock Creek Conservancy’s fundraiser was on the theme of “Into The Wild: Stories about adventures in Nature”


    Story District empowers executives and leaders with the skills needed to be dynamic communicators. We do this by teaching you how to tell true stories that are authentic and compelling, and motivate others. Through private coaching, we customize the learning process to meet your needs. Our experienced instructors will provide coaching over the phone, over video chat or in person. We recommend that you commit to at least two sessions, and are happy to design a package that works for you.