Why I Support SpeakeasyDC

    December 11th, 2012 By Katie Kelly

    I believe Speakeasy is successful because of its vibrant community. This community includes the talented tellers, hard-working staff and instructors, willing volunteers and an appreciative audience.

    When I first started coming to Speakeasy 4 years ago, I was impressed by this sense of community and well, I wanted to join it! At first, I was just an audience member and then I built up the confidence to perform. I did this for years and even took the 101 class to improve my story creation and delivery. What I realized was that while I was sincerely grateful to Speakeasy for providing a venue for creative and authentic entertainment, I owed the community more. Through volunteering at the box office, I got to meet more of the Speakeasy instructors and story-tellers. It was very satisfying to greet audience members at the door and share my enthusiasm with them before the shows. Meeting more of the inner Speakeasy community only increased my respect for the organization as I saw the devotion and commitment behind the scenes. I also gained an appreciation for the ability of Speakeasy to continuously host stellar shows on such limited resources. I knew this form of art and entertainment was unique and I wanted to do my best to express my appreciation and ensure the ongoing success of the organization. I accepted a position on the board of directors years ago and through this role, I have had the honor of working with the other board members and Amy Saidman in providing strategic direction for the organization. This experience has only underscored the deep respect and high esteem that I already held for this community. Speakeasy has provided so much to me over the years – a place for entertainment, friendship and a creative outlet. Becoming more involved with Speakeasy is the best way to promote the art of story-telling and give back to this community.


    SpeakeasyDC’s End of Year fundraising campaign is underway right now. If, like Katie, believe that something unique and special happens at SpeakeasyDC events, then please make a donation today, and keep the magic alive.

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