Update From The Director

    Deep Thoughts from the Director August 7th, 2012 By Amy Saidman

    If there were an emoticon to show me jumping up and down, I’d use it. (Would you know what I meant if I said JUAD?). Why? Because we have so many jump-worthy things in the works for the next few months/year. For starters, we are a finalist for the DC Mayor’s Arts Awards! (This is when I break dance on my head with a sassy cross-legged finish). After three prior attempts, we are finally getting this recognition. Mark your calendars for September 13 and plan to be at the Lincoln Theatre in your best Academy-Awards-outfit to see us (possibly) accept an award. Either way, you should come because we will either want to celebrate our win or we’ll need support while we commiserate our loss.

    Also on the horizon, a collaboration with Washington Improv Theatre (WIT) that will take place on September 22. (This is when I do the twist and the Charleston). Mark Chalfant, WIT’s director, and I go way back and we have been talking for yeeeears about doing something together. Lord knows why it’s taken so long, but we finally got it together and it’s going to be a blast – a combo of true stories and improvisation. What could be funnier? It will take place at Atlas. Details will be posted soon. (A bit of history, for anyone interested: Stephanie Garibaldi, our fearless Education Director, and I first met at least 12 years ago at a WIT class. Out of that, we started our own scrappy but dedicated troupe that we called Rat Alley Theatre Society. I eventually taught three classes for WIT and Stephanie did a stint as part of one of their performing troupes  (called Jackie). She also worked as their dean of admissions for a bit.

    A few weeks ago, I got a phone call out-of-the-blue from a fan in Asheville, North Carolina! She’s been listening to the podcast and loves it so much that she wants to bring us down to do a live show. Well, hot diggity! (That’s my horrible way of talking like southern cartoon character).  We’ve been talking about taking SpeakeasyDC on the road forEVER, and had just had a board meeting during which we set it as a priority. So, this call came at a perfect time. We’re scheming up a Three-City Southern Tour with plans to hit Richmond and Durham along the way. (This is when I stage dive).

    There’s so much more to share, but I’ll have to save that for the next installment of the Director’s Update.

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