Tour de Telling’s First Prize Unlocked!

    News and Information April 12th, 2013 By Meredith Maslich

    Our first ever Tour de Telling - our virtual bike race fundraiser - kicked off with much fan fare and fun at April’s Second Tuesday show at Town. In addition to a bake sale to support the teams, each team gave a 60 second pitch for support. There were costumes, there were props, there was even flying candy.

    The efforts of the teams paid off – in less than 48 hours the teams have raised a combined total of more than $1600! And as a result, they have unlocked the first prize hidden in the course. This prize was a drawing from among all of the donors to date AND all of the members of each team, to recognize everyone’s role in getting this event off to a great start.

    The prize: A free copy of SpeakeasyDC’s first book Sucker for Love. Available as either a paper back or a free download.

    The winner: Drawn at random from participants as of 10am on Friday April 12 is JAMES FARMER! Congratulations James! But this is just the beginning! The teams are planning events ranging from house parties, to game nights, to competitive PowerPoint karaoke. The race ends on May 18, and which ever team has raised the most money on that day, will be declared the winner and will be showered with prizes. (But the real winner will be SpeakeasyDC as we meet (and possibly exceed!) our spring fundraising goal!) But that’s just the beginning. And more prizes will be unlocked every week for the duration of the race. Some will be just for donors, some will be just for riders. Some will be for both. Some will be drawings and some will be enough for everyone. The point is, you never know what’s around the corner so give early and give often! To see the leader board and see where each team is on the course make sure to visit the Tour de Telling website each week. – This week’s prize sponsored by: 

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