Tour de Telling: Why are we here?

    April 30th, 2014 By Meredith Maslich
    Tour de Telling: Why are we here?

    So what is this whole Storytelling? Why are we here? We asked SpeakeasyDC 101 alum and Top Shelf Story Teller Allison Burg to share some of her experience with SpeakeasyDC. 

    I went to a storytelling night at Town and as soon as I saw the first person speak, I knew I had to send a story of mine in. I submitted a story I had wanted to tell for a long time, and it was selected. I loved the experience and even got to perform on 9:30 Club stage. I knew I wanted to do it again, but wasn't sure that I was capable of good storytelling—or whether I just was blessed with a great story. I signed up for the Storytelling101 course to find out. I was already impressed by the storytelling I was surrounded with when I performed the first time, but now that I had been exposed to the class, I know where it originated. The teachers are phenomenally talented and dedicated. After they helped me through my shaky piecemeal story, they went through everyone’s and pulled interesting parts out and made storytellers out of everyone. Being a part of SEDC has brought my creative side out and I have been able to interact with people whom I would never meet; the best part is that I get to hear stories, and I get to learn how to try and craft my own. I am far from an expert but I do feel that the class has taught me how to look at the world through the eyes of a storyteller, and not just someone who was blessed with a great story. If you can think of a way that your life has been changed for the better as a result of a SpeakeasyDC experience, teacher or coach, then I hope you'll think about making a donation to this organization. Many of the talented teachers are on Tour de Telling teams, so you can donate to their team, or just make a general donation that will help SEDC get closer to our goal.

    Don't miss Allison's story of a near fatal (and extremely intimate) encounter with a snack cracker  


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