Tour de Telling Week 2 Round the Bend

    News and Information April 21st, 2014 By Meredith Maslich
    Tour de Telling Week 2 Round the Bend


    We are starting the second week of Tour de Telling and the Tattle Tales are holding firm on the lead with $1960 raised so far! And that means that they are once again the recipients of this week's prize, provided by this week's Tour de Telling sponsor: Mad Hatter. The Tattle Tales will receive a $25 gift certificate to Mad Hatter, to add to their $25 gift certificate to Lillies that they won last week.

    The Tattle Tales are them almost $800 AHEAD of the second place team - The Freewheelin' Cyclepaths who have brought in a respectable $1180. Although The Freewheelin' Cyclepaths have a strong fundraising strategy of trading videos of story performance for donations, and that could close the gap in the next week.

    In third place are the Hard Ridin' Mamas, who made a huge surge since last week, moving from 5th place to 3rd place with a donation total of $495.

    Behind them by a good distance are The Bell Busters with $188. But the Bell Busters are banking on their strategy of fundraising events, which kick off this week with a game night this Tuesday and Pancake PalOOZA pancake breakfast on Sunday, so don't count them out yet.

    And bringing up the rear are the self-identified "new kids" to storytelling and Tour de Telling - Kratos the Enforcers. They've dropped to 5th place, but with a name like theirs, its likely that they've got something up their sleeve...

    With 4 weeks to go, its still definitely anyone's race, and if you are the kind to root for the underdog, go donate to Kratos or the Bell Busters now!

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