Tour de Telling is Back

    Everyday Stories May 6th, 2015 By Emily Wooten
    Tour de Telling is Back

    Tell de Tour is back. Get ready to raise some FUNds.

    I showed up to Dunya restaurant and bar for a Tell de Tour event Tuesday night not knowing who I was going to see or what it was about.

    Arriving on the rooftop, I was greeted then immediately whisked away by a team captain looking for new members to join their squad.

    I followed the captain to their preferred meeting place past the bar. While walking, I noticed I was too late try the appetizer because the bruschetta platter was devoured, but there was no shortage of beverages as generous glasses of sangria were passed amongst the crowd.

    I spent the rest of the evening in what felt like an amazing race of recruitment. Team captains had a short amount of time to dash through a room full of people so they could build a Tell de Tour championship team. The enthusiasm of the captains was infectious making it hard to select a team to join. I was enticed with all sorts of entertaining events like ice cream socials, pot-luck dinners, blues at Zoo Bar and Ben’s Chili Bowl to help SpeakeasyDC raise funds for ASL interpretation at shows, college preparation programs, podcast expansion and a Kevin Boggs Contributor to Storytelling Award.

    By the end of the night, I learned Tell de Touring is a mix of storytellers, coaches, friends and enthusiasts that come together for a spirited competition to support SpeakeasyDC’s story exchange and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

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