To SpeakeasyDC, with Love from Sucker for Love: The Book Writers

    Tales From The Field February 14th, 2013 By Meredith Maslich

    Some of the contributors for Sucker for Love, The Book, were asked “If you were going to send a Valentine’s Day card to SpeakeasyDC, what would it say?”

    Here are their responses:

    Vijai Nathan:

    “Take off your clothes & let’s make out”

    Jessica Piscitelli Robinson

    “Practice safe love.”

    Anne Thomas

    Thank you for loving me as I am. For encouraging me to share my life experiences with others, for creating a fun, safe place for all of us to connect. Each month you bring together a diverse group of people to celebrate all the vicissitudes of life. We all learn and grow through the stories we hear. You make a difference in all our lives for the better.”

    Chris Love

    “Bugs eat Speakeasy. They chew it up all the way. Bugs ate the stories.” (Its an inside joke between Chris Love and SpeakeasyDC :)

    Nevin Martell

    Can’t wait for our next rendezvous!


    If YOU were going to send a Valentine to SpeakeasyDC, what would yours say??

    Read the full interviews with each other these authors, and find out more about the book here.

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