SpeakeasyShorts winner Retirement Featured in Washington Post

    September 19th, 2014 By Ben Thomas
    SpeakeasyShorts winner Retirement Featured in Washington Post

    On Friday, November 14th SpeakeasyShorts -- DC Shorts’ and SpeakeasyDC’s innovative mash-up of storytelling and film - will return for the third time to the Burke Theater at the US Navy Memorial.  Film teams will hear eight SpeakeasyDC storytellers perform their original, true stories live on Nov 14 for the first time. Each team will be paired by random drawing with one of the stories. They will then have 5 days to write, direct, shoot and edit a film that takes its inspiration from that story. The final short films will be screened on following Saturday night, Nov 22.

    Last year’s winner Retirement was recently reviewed by Washington Post blogger Clint Yates. Yates describes the final film as doing a great job touching on the eminently relatable quest for personal fulfillment in a mundane office setting: “Everyone knows someone like the main protagonist of the story. You can’t help but to relate.”

    See Washington Post blogger Clint Yates' column here

    Pitch your story or join a team for this year's event (taking place on Nov 14-22) here


    View Amy Saidmen’s story that inspired the film

    SpeakeasyShorts 2013: Amy Saidman from DC Shorts on Vimeo.

    View the film “Retirement”


    Retirement from DC Shorts on Vimeo.


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