SpeakeasyShorts 2013 Film Challenge Recap

    Recaps & Reviews December 1st, 2013 By Amy Saidman

    SpeakeasyShorts is a new type of film competition – a collaboration between filmmakers and storytellers. Eight filmmaking teams have only 5 days to write, shoot, edit-and screen a film based on stories from eight local storytellers. The kicker: none of the teams know anything about the stories before they are presented.

    On November 15, filmmaking teams will discover which story they have been paired with — and have five days to create a short film (less than 8 minutes) based on a true tale. The films premiere November 23 — the audience votes for their favorites — and one team walks away with a $1,000 cash prize!




    Based on the true story “Community Theater” by Iain McCreary

    Film created by Scenic Roots
    Alfred Schoeninger, Director

    Iain’s recent attempt at finding a girlfriend matched him with Sleeping Beauty, Play-by-Play, Sloppy Spaghetti — and one who is perfect in her silence. 2nd Runner Up



    Based on the true story “Vigilante” by Alexandra Petri

    Film created by Bog Honkin’ DC Dogs;
    The Big Honkin’, Director

    Watching too many TV crime shows often leads to Repeat Offenders.


    Based on the true story “Desk Nazi” by Joseph Price

    Film created by Yellow Bow Tie Productions
    Joel David Santner, Director

    Some people take their desk job a little too seriously.


    Based on the true story “A Humor-Less Tale” by Ellen Rolfes

    Film created by Key In Films
    Kian McKeller, Director

    An ice cream-loving girl discovers the true novelty of fighting city hall.


    Based on the true story “The Big Break” by Amy Couchoud

    Film created by EPK Digital;
    Tony Marquez, Director

    Auditioning for her big break, an actress is cast into the role of a lifetime.


    Based on the true story “Going Down” by Kevin Phillips

    Film created by Skyrocket Productions
    Anthony Greene, Director

    In an effort to save his relationship, a young man and his buddy learn that great sex is aural, nor oral. 1st Runner Up


    Based on the true story “WWCD” by Amy Saidman

    Film created by Tragedy Plus Time
    Rob Raffety, Director

    The anitdote to a soul-sucking job can be found outside your cubicle window. Grand Prize Winner


    Based on the true story “Suck It, Pokemon” by James Calabrese

    Film created by Heisenberg
    Jose Carceres, Director

    In an attempt to shoot a film about Pokemon vs. Star Wars, a team chronicles what happens when everything goes wrong.


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