SpeakeasyDC is recruiting new Board members!

    May 20th, 2014 By Rachael Wilcox
    SpeakeasyDC is recruiting new Board members!

    It’s springtime and everywhere around us is new growth and energy – SpeakeasyDC is no exception!  As an organization, we are thriving and we are looking for new Board members to support our growth! We’re looking for people from our community of storytellers, volunteers, and devoted audience members to join our Board and actively contribute to taking SpeakeasyDC to the next level. 

    In particular, we are hoping to recruit folks with previous fundraising experience and financial experience for a two year renewable term (up to 3x).  Our ticket sales and class enrollment are through the roof these days and that’s great, but fundraising is essential for us to achieve some of our long-terms goals like having our own storefront and performance space, putting on regional storytelling tours, and expanding our demographic reach within DC.

    Speaking from my own experience, being a SpeakeasyDC Board member is a lot of fun – my fellow Board members and the teaching staff are very cool people that I thoroughly enjoy spending time with, and the work of the Board itself is exciting and often quite entertaining.   We’re a hands-on Board, so being a Board member means a real commitment to taking on tasks and getting them done, not just playing an advisory role.  The rewards are worth the effort in seeing this vibrant community continue to expand and evolve.

    Please see this one page document for more information

    If you love what SpeakeasyDC does, are interested in helping us continue to thrive and expand the art of storytelling, and (ideally) have previous experience with fundraising  – then we want to talk with you!   Please contact me - Rachael Wilcox, Board Development and Recruitment Chair at for more information.  To express interest, please complete this online form.

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