Speakeasy Storycast #44 — Katy Barrett: Most Improved

    PodcastVideo April 5th, 2013 By Amy Saidman

    Episode #44 of SpeakeasyDC’s podcast features a story by and conversation with Katy Barrett about trapeze lessons and chimpanzees.

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    Though not much of an athlete, Katy is a natural storyteller and passionate about apes and animals. Her collection of “ape tapes” exceeds 44 and, just the other night, she forced me to go into a dog park — with no dog of our own — to hang out with other people’s dogs. A true enthusiast, she’s the only person I know who will say, sincerely, how much fun her government job at the FDA is; and she will talk for weeks about food she’s enjoyed. I’m still hearing about the hummus she had in in February.

    Here’s Katy’s friend doing trapeze like a normal adult. Notice she did not supply a video of herself “working on her hang”.

    Below is a collection of some of her favorite ape videos:

    Amazing orangutan footage

    Kanzi the bonobo overview (warning: bonobos love to hump)

    Rebellious orangutan flees from mother

    Orangutan stealing rice

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