Pitch your story for Speakeasy Shorts

    News and Information August 7th, 2014 By Ben Thomas
    Pitch your story for Speakeasy Shorts

    SpeakeasyDC and DC Shorts are excited to announce the return of Speakeasy Shorts. In its third year, SpeakeasyShorts is a unique competition invented by SpeakeasyDC and DC Shorts that brings together the two art forms of live storytelling and filmmaking. Eight stories will be performed live on Friday, November 14, 2014. Each story will be paired randomly with a film team that, after hearing the stories for the first time, will have only 5 days to write, shoot, and edit a film-adaptation or re-interpretation of the story. Films premiere on November 22 the audience votes for their favorites and one team walks away with a $1,000 cash prize! See stories and films from 2012 and 2013 here.

     Are you ready to take the stage?

    If you have a story to tell, please sign up through this link. If we think your story is good fit, we will be in contact. Oh yah, and you will have access to the best in SpeakeasyDC story coaches and directors to help make your story POP on stage and give you the confidence you need to shine on stage. The deadline for consideration is September 20th. The best stories for this event have a strong plot and dialogue. Something has to happen and there needs to be a change. The story needs to take place in a setting that can be recreated in this area (so, African safari is out).  
Stories that are heavy on thought and thin on action, will not work. Stories with too many settings or characters that are difficult to cast, may also not work. 
Note: Storytellers will have no creative say in the outcome of the film. You have to be ready to tell a story that you can let go of. You may our may not like how the film turns out, but if you go into it with the right attitude, it's fun to see how it's interpreted by the team.

    Not quite there but interested in getting your feet wet in Storytelling? SpeakeasyDC offers one-day boot camps, five-week classes with a final story performance, and private coaching options.  

    Wanna make a film? 

    Want to be part of a filmmaker team? The application is here. In order to register tell us in under 50 words why your team should be picked and share 3 work samples. The winning team walks away with $1000.

    Tickets and more

    Stay tuned for tickets and cast updates.

    Pitch your story here

    Register your film team here


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