Rehearsing the Yard Sale Story Part 3

    Education Corner August 13th, 2012 By Mike Kane

    Have you ever had a credit card bill that was due at the end of the month?  And rather than logging on to get an idea of the damage you’ll be facing, you panic and just decide to ignore it?  Like, you literally sit down, launch your web browser and start typing in the URL for your credit card’s website, then delete it and just head to Facebook instead?

    That’s been me this week, except the obligation has been rehearsing my story, not paying my credit card bill.  And instead of logging onto to Facebook, I’ve been logging onto Facebook.

    It’s ironic that tomorrow’s open mic theme is titled, Half-Baked,  because that’s exactly what my story is: half-baked.

    This is EASILY the least prepared I’ve ever been for a Speakeasy open mic.  And typically, I over-prepare for these things.   But the Story Workshop (my shower) was closed for a week due to a leak that flooded through the first floor ceiling.  So that hasn’t helped.  And I started a new job that’s been kicking my butt.  So I’ve been tired.  And my dog has been sick and – look, there’s a million and one reasons I could give you as to why I haven’t been rehearsing, but the real reason is because I’m lazy and I didn’t feel like working on this thing.

    Now, guess what?  I wish I had.

    On Saturday night, practically in hysterics, I called SEDC’s Artistic Executive Director, Amy Saidman, for help. I asked if I could do my story for her.  And, I don’t want to speak for Amy, but I need a quote for the post, so I’m going to go ahead and make one up:

    “There’s nothing I would rather do on a Saturday night than to cancel my plans and coach Mike Kane through his messy story,” Saidman could have said if she were asked about her hijacked Saturday night.  “There’s lots of benefits of being the Artistic Executive Director for SpeakeasyDC, but Mike Kane’s neurosis is not one of them,” Saidman added in Mike Kane’s imagination.

    I did the story for her a few times Saturday, and all joking aside, I think she would say that parts of it were there, and other parts needed some work.

    And I mean large parts.  And lots of work.   And, by the time this post goes live, I’ll have just Monday night to rehearse.  But the good news is: I can’t rehearse Monday night because I agreed to meet up with a friend going through a rough spell right now.  Yay! I’m screwed!

    That basically leaves Sunday night (last night, if you’re reading this on Monday) to practice.  And whatever progress I make on Sunday night (last night…wow, whip out your flux capacitor; I feel like I’m flirting with the space-time continuum in this post…) is basically what you’ll see on stage if you come out Tuesday.

    I don’t know the story’s current length.  Will I need to chop parts?  Probably.  I know I have bridges that I have to write for the story.  When will I do that? Obviously I’ll have to do it later tonight (last night… 1.21 jigawatz??!!).  And the end is shaky.  It’s going to be a long night for me – and, though she doesn’t know it yet, My Filter  as well.

    On top of all of this, I’m starting to feel the usual nerves that haunt me before every performance: bad dreams, inconsistent, uh, you know… cramps, headaches.  All of that.

    All right, let me go.  I HAVE TO GO REHEARSE for this thing.

    But first, I just need to update my status on Facebook…

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