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    Deep Thoughts from the Director September 4th, 2012 By Amy Saidman

    We need YOU! Yes you, you gorgeous people with fascinating, sweet, hilarious, and unbelievable life experiences that you want to share on stage in front of a room full of strangers.

    We have several special events planned from November through March and we are getting started now so that we can vet the best possible cast for each show. Some of you may only be familiar with SpeakeasyDC’s monthly series at Town Danceboutique but, friends… I’m here to tell you the good news that we have almost as many special events every year as monthly (which makes for a total of over 24 shows a year).

    Now’s your chance to be part of one of our ensemble casts, so start prepping your story pitch.  Note that  performers are paid between $75 and $100 per performance (some shows have more than one performance). We also have anywhere from three to six rehearsals. Below are details.

    Story Showdown: A Storytelling Game Show
    Submission deadline: Sept. 15, 2012

    This will be our third staging of SpeakeasyDC’s spoof of the Price is Right.  It’s one of the most fun and innovative shows we do, giving this classic American favorite a storytelling twist with lots of audience participation. We will return to Dance Place, where the production crew (Thanks Ben, Annie, Mariel, and Brad!) went all out last year to recreate the set of the Price is Right for us, right down to contestants row and the Rod Roddy’s (who we call Rod Roddy) announcer podium.  It was truly a vision to behold and the only time we’ve ever had a real set. Kevin Boggs will carry the night once again, as the esteemed Rob Parker (aka Bob Barker) with Derek Hills backing him up for a second year in the role of Rod Roddy.  Performances will take place on Nov 2 and 3 (two shows on Nov 3) This is the one show that is not theme-based. We are looking for light-hearted and funny stories for this show.

    My So Called Jewish Life
    Submission deadline: Sept. 30, 2012

    SpeakeasyDC’s fourth annual homage to all things Jewish, not-so-Jewish, and wanna-be Jewish will take place on Dec 15. You do not have to be Jewish to submit an idea but it does somehow have to related. See prior year videos for samples.

    Sucker for Love Valentine Special
    Submission deadline: Oct 30, 2012

    SpeakeasyDC’s annual Valentine show will take place on Feb 14, 15 and 16. We want a fresh look and will seek out a line-up of stories that cover a wide range of perspectives on the subject. Surprise us if you can. Shock us, even better. We may go with a look at love through the life-cycle (not sure, yet, but something to get you thinking).

    #LikeMe: True tales about how we communicate in the 21st century
    Submission deadline: Oct. 30, 2012

    This will be SpeakeasyDC’s fourth show as part of INTERSECTIONS: A New America Arts Festival at Atlas . Performances will take place on Feb. 28 and Mar. 2. Think big and broad about the ways we communicate now that we hadn’t even dreamed of in the 80s, or even the 90s. Tweeting, texting, pinning, poking, skyping, emoticating (Amy’s word for using emoticons), making profiles, and IMing to name a few. We also want people to bring ideas for incorporating new technologies and habits into the show itself.

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