Performer’s Spotlight - Stephanie Garibaldi

    News and Information February 5th, 2016 By Kate Paulo
    Performer’s Spotlight - Stephanie Garibaldi

    'Sucker For Love' is the perfect show for anyone - single or not - this Valentine's Day weekend. We sat down with Stephanie Garibaldi and asked her a little about herself to get to know her a little better before Saturday

    What’s your favorite part about storytelling? 

    What’s not to love about storytelling? But I guess saying “all of it” is taking the easy way out. So I’ll try to give you more of a specific. My favorite part about storytelling is when I experience a moment of true connection. It can happen from either side: I can be the one telling the story and hit a moment when the audience laughs, oohs, or gasps, and I can feel them understanding me, relating to me – the “they get me” moment. It can also happen when I’m a member of the audience listening to a story, and I hit a moment where I think, I know exactly what that teller is talking about; I’ve been there; I get it. Luckily, these connective moments happen all the time with storytelling.

    What kind of advice can you give to someone who is thinking of going up to perform for the first time?

    Sign up quickly before you give yourself the chance to change your mind and bow out. You can do this. Just don’t over-think it. Pretend like you’re in a Nike commercial. Invite a few of your most supportive friends to cheer you on from the audience. Remember that our audience is a generous one – they are rooting for you, not against you. The audience wants to hear what you have to say, in the way that only you can say it. Take lots of deep breaths before you step on stage. If you meditate with a mantra, this is the time to put it to good use. Keep breathing the entire time. Tell your story as if you were sharing it with a close friend in conversation. If you hit a mental blank, don’t panic; just let go of the clever wording you’re trying to remember and ask yourself, what happens next in the story? You’ll get through it, and you’ll be so glad you did it – promise.

    Has your storytelling training affected you in any other parts of your life? For example, do you feel any more confident making presentations or talking in front of a group? Better at making a joke at a party?

    You bet! Becoming a proficient storyteller has helped in all aspects of my life. Using storytelling through my work has given my career a huge boost, and I give great interview. Thanks to storytelling, I’m the life of any party, and I’ve become fearless in even the most intimidating of social situations. Storytelling has helped me do a much better job of maintaining and deepening my relationships with friends and family members alike. The most noticeable improvement has been on my love life though. Bonds are so much closer and deeper when you share your stories with your partner. And sex between two storytellers? AMAZING.

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