Performer’s Spotlight - Rupert Eyles

    Everyday Stories April 13th, 2016 By Kate Paulo
    Performer’s Spotlight - Rupert Eyles

    Who is Story District? What kind of people make up our community? We've chatted with Rupert Eyles to get an idea of what our storytellers think. Check out what he said:

    Did you just straight pitch a story? Had you any experience storytelling before?

    Yes, no experience in storytelling before my first story back in December.

    Were you nervous about telling your story?

    Somewhat before going on stage. My mind wasn't nervous, but my body was trying to tell me if was scared if that makes sense. As in, I was getting the sensations of nerves - heart racing etc - but didn't really 'feel' it in my head.

    Had you been to a Story District show previously?

    Yes, I had been to a few shows last year.

    What made you decide to send in your pitch?

    I saw a friend of mine do a show and thought it looked fun, and could be a worthwhile creative outlet for me.

    What do you prefer: being up on stage or being in the audience watching the performance?

    I prefer to be up on stage!

    Do you consider yourself a storyteller? Or is this something you're just trying out?

    I don't think I'm necessarily a storyteller quite yet. For now I'm trying it out, but i could very possibly become one in the future

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