Performer’s Spotlight - Morgan Givens

    News and Information February 5th, 2016 By Kate Paulo
    Performer’s Spotlight - Morgan Givens

    Who doesn't love a good love story? 'Sucker For Love' is the show for those of us who can't help loving love, and Morgan Givens was nice enough to sit with us to tell us a little about his story as storyteller. 

    Were you scared the first time you got up on stage in front of all of those people?

    I actually didn’t even think about the people in the audience the first time I told a story. I grew up in a family who always framed our conversations as if we were telling stories, especially if they were funny, so it may have been that I was just used to presenting information that way.

    What is your favorite story that you’ve heard performed so far?

    I’ve only performed three stories, not including the Sucker for Love Story, and I’ve enjoyed each story I’ve told, though for entirely different reasons. The OutSpoken story helped me laugh and recognize that I occasionally place too much emphasis on certain aspects of myself, while the Emotional Overload story helped me process through a particularly painful part of my past.

    What do you prefer: funny or heartwarming stories?

    I think I prefer dark stories more than those that are particularly heartwarming, because there can always be laughter found within tragedy. There are ways to laugh through pain, and find the humor in the direst of situations, and it’s kind of an asset when working through those periods. So, I prefer stories that combine darkness with humor.

    What kind of advice can you give for someone who trying to write their story for the first time?

    I don’t know if I’ve been doing this long enough to really give someone advice about how to craft something for storytelling, though I’ve been writing since I was first able to put pen to paper…just write what you know. I actually write an incredibly rough version of my story as a reference, but then I just speak and pretend I’m telling the story to someone. It helps me find the rhythm of the words, and find out how certain passages connect to one another, what flows and what doesn’t, where to crescendo and where to kind of let the words hang.

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