Performer’s Spotlight - Molly Kelly

    News and Information February 16th, 2016 By Kate Paulo
    Performer’s Spotlight - Molly Kelly

    For those of us who have had a troubled relationship with our faith and sexuality, hearing about the struggles of people going through the same thing can be a wonderful experience. Molly Kelly is one of our storytellers, and she's been kind of enough to sit down and talk with us about her experience

    Do you think your story can be both universal and unique?

    I think my story is universal in the sense that even as we get older, there are still places and times where we feel left out or rejected. As an out lesbian for close 20 years, and living in a liberal city, I thought that I was immune to the homophobia and the negative feelings toward gays and lesbians. Shoot, I was legally married! Equality achieved! I felt like our challenges – my challenges – had been solved.

    Then I put myself in another world within my world, and I found out that I was wrong. And I wasn’t just wrong about other people’s feeling toward me, I was wrong about my internal homophobia and my internal fears and my resilience to be out in an environment where it wasn’t easy.


    Interested in hearing more about her story? Come and see Molly Kelly perform during Story District's "God Loves You" show on Saturday, February 27th! 

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