Performer’s Spotlight - Laura Feivson

    News and Information February 5th, 2016 By Kate Paulo
    Performer’s Spotlight - Laura Feivson

    Valentine's Day is a good time to get to know one another. Before 'Sucker For Love', we talked with Laura Feivson so we can all get to know our storytellers a little better


    What’s your favorite part about storytelling?

    I love crafting the story. Any one episode in life can be told in multiple ways, with different possibilities for themes, emphases, and characters. I find the creative challenge of finding the best possible arc to be very satisfying. Performance, of course, is exhilarating as well!

    Does it feel different to have people you know in the audience, as opposed to strangers?

    My stories have tended to be pretty embarrassing, so at first I was a little unsure about performing in front of strangers and acquaintances alike. But, then I decided to just give up caring and it was very freeing. So I now am happy performing in front of just about anyone. (Although I still don’t always invite my parents to my shows…)

    What is your favorite story that you’ve heard performed so far?

    I’ve gone to a lot of shows now, so have seen a lot of really incredible stories. Having just gone to Top Shelf 2015, I’ll give a shout out to Morgan Givens’ story about dating- he has a very unique and powerful writing style. (He is in Sucker for Love, by the way!) I also loved Allison Steinberg’s story about an unfortunate (but funny) medical incident- since her style is close to mine, her stories are aspirational.

    Has your story telling training affected you in any other parts of your life? For example, do you feel any more confident making presentations or talking in front of a group? Better at making a joke at a party?

    When I make presentations at work, I do think more about the “arc” of the presentation. Also, if any good friends get married soon, I think that I could craft a kickass wedding toast.

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