Performer’s Spotlight - Katie Kelly

    News and Information March 1st, 2016 By Kate Paulo

    Katie Kelly, a storyteller performing in our upcoming show 'Mind Over Matter', has taken the time to answer some questions about her individual experience with mental illness


    Do you feel like your mental illness has become part of your self-identity?

    I try to be aware of mental illness around me. Learning more about mental illnesses has enabled me to be a more compassionate person, slower to judge and more understanding when someone around seems to be "unhinged".

    Have you ever found it difficult to explain to someone what it’s like suffering from a mental illness?

    You have to be careful not to overwhelm others. I try to gauge where they are in their understanding of illnesses before plunging into great detail! If someone appears eager to learn then I share as much as they want to hear!

    Does telling a story about mental illness differ from any other kind of story you might tell?

    You bet! I'm always looking for the punch line. This has been challenging...but very rewarding at the same time.

    Does it help to hear other people’s stories about their own mental illnesses?

    Yes, I think it is a healthy step in the acceptance process to be able to tell your story.

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