Our first road trip: Biscuits, stories, and more

    News and Information June 18th, 2015 By Amy Saidman

    The biscuits…. for me it really came down to the best heavenly cheesy biscuits you can imagine. We are talking biscuits with apple butter, eggs biscuit and gravy, yogurt parfait, and oatmeal and more. These Atlanta folks really know how to make a good dang biscuit.

    Ok... thats a lie, the past weekend’s trip to Atlanta wasn’t about the biscuits. It was about the stories. It was about taking some of the finest, most accomplished, fun, witty, and gorgeous storytellers to have graced our stages in DC to new frontiers, new places and new audiences. It was about finding out what makes a Southerner laugh and a big city DC type learn to stop and smell the peaches.   

    At the invitation of Carapace Raconteurs, the soon to be Story District headed south on our first ROAD TRIP (cue wild scream and rock and roll music) June 13th, to Atlanta. Top Shelf performers Andre Francisco, Phill Branch, Katy Barrett, John Tong, Keith Mellnick, Jenny Splitter, Erin Meyers (DJ Li’l e), and yours truly all traded in our usual 2nd Tuesday stage at Town for a corner spot at Manny’s Tavern.

    Dry wit, Southern charm, and not too much cultural misunderstanding was on full display.  Keith brought the house down on his first line: "I was about 13 years old when my father said to me, 'You know there's nothing wrong with watching porn with your dad, right?' " And everyone did the “not me” face when Phill skewered a white woman (in his story) for assuming he -- the only black person on a yoga retreat -- was going to order the fried chicken.  Three Atlanta tellers -- Louisa Merchant, Karen Lee, and Cris Gray -- shared the stage with stories about taking south-of-the-border sojourns, testing out the Atlanta swingers scene, and being fired 26 times (he swears by that number). 

    I can’t say thank you enough to our AWESOME hosts Karen Lee, Joyce Mitchell, and Randy Osborne of Carapace Raconteurs. They know how to fill a house and put on show. We hope this will be the first of many great adventures to come. 

    Share your top road trip memories below.




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