Not your typical DC meeting: Spring 2014 Tour de Telling Launch

    News and Information March 25th, 2014 By Meredith Maslich
    Not your typical DC meeting: Spring 2014 Tour de Telling Launch

    Former Board Member, Storyteller extraordinare Jeffrey Brady (seen above with his TdT rival John Tong) reflects on his experience with Tour de Telling

    You are invited to meet Jeffery and learn all about the Tour de Telling experience at the launch party for the 2014 Tour de Telling April 2nd, 7pm at Acre 121 (1400 Irving Street NW near the Columbia Heights Metro).

    Please RSVP via Facebook here or non Facebook users click here.

    Here's what Jeffery had to say about his experience as part of Tdt:

    It’s not your typical DC meeting. There’s no clock-watching conference call, no yammering of buzzwords. There’s just sushi and friendly people discussing important stuff. Specifically, we are planning:

    1. Fabulous rock-paper-scissors tournaments,
    2. Wacky board game parties,
    3. Indulgent bake sale goodies,
    4. Tipsy happy hour meet-ups,
    5. Sit-down dinners for the true gourmand,
    6. Zany gift baskets and
    7. Legally pimping out the fetching Mike Baireuther in a Batman costume.

    Welcome to Tour de Telling: The sequel. This is the friendly competition for storytellers and friends to raise money to support SpeakeasyDC. But it’s more than that.

    It’s not about the size of the team or the size of the amount of a person’s monetary contribution. It’s about passion, excitement, tenderness, engorgement, tumescence, the “rule of 3” and the love of storytelling. Remember, there is no “STD” in “team.” (Okay, maybe there is a T, but that’s being picky.)

    Perhaps, more importantly, Tour de Telling is a great springtime season of parties and get-togethers when we can spend time with fun people doing outrageous things (sometimes in costumes).

    I hope that I get to see you at the kick-off party on April 2 at Acre 121. Teams will get together to start strategizing, psyching out the competition, and getting any last minute questions answered.  [For more information and to RSVP, check out our event page on Facebook]
    We will be reporting the teams progress on Facebook and Twitter so stay tuned for shout-outs for our intrepid teams as they race along a virtual course. Want to learn more about the teams or start your own? More information is available here. Every week we’ll give out prizes – one to the team in the lead that week, and one to a donor. Imagine the prizes are like water stops with cheering fans if folks were sweating it out in an actual race. The top finishers will get medals, great prizes and bragging rights. Lots of bragging rights.

    Want to get involved or start your own team? There’s still time to pull a team of up to six people together. Email to register. Tweet to #TdT14 if you need other team members and we will put the word out.

    Already have a team? Please register your team today!

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