John Kevin Boggs Memorial Award

    January 4th, 2017 By Amy Saidman

    We've established the John Kevin Boggs Memorial Award as a way to preserve his memory and to continue his legacy. We are looking for nominees that share some of Kevin's greatest qualities as a storyteller and/or story coach.

    Kevin was an exemplary storyteller.  He was a natural, but also put a lot of work into mastering the craft and doing his best. He was an audience-favorite every time he stepped on the stage and he set an example for other storytellers. Nominate someone who sets an example as a storyteller.

    Kevin was a courageous storyteller. He sometimes tackled difficult personal issues such as coming out, being lonely, and dealing with addiction. He was always able to tell these stories with humor and heart.  open people's minds. Nominate someone who has shown courage, tackled something difficult, or pushed boundaries.  Someone who has told a story (even just one) that has moved you, changed you, opened your mind, or challenged your assumptions.

    Kevin was a loving and skilled teacher. Many people have shared how much Kevin's encouragement boosted their confidence. He fell in love with many of the students and their stories and would retell them as if they were his own. Nominate someone who has encouraged, supported, coached other people to tell their stories.

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