In Memoriam

    Deep Thoughts from the Director March 21st, 2015 By Amy Saidman
    In Memoriam

    Dear SpeakeasyDC fans,

    We are very sad to share the news about SpeakeasyDC's beloved faculty member and master storyteller, Kevin Boggs, who passed away from liver cancer on March 13, 2015. As a storyteller, teacher, director, actor, and friend, Kevin was a true inspiration who made lasting contributions to the art of storytelling and to the cultural fabric of Washington, DC. Words cannot express the loss to our community.

    Kevin was a central figure in SpeakeasyDC’s founding and growth and an exceptional teacher who helped hundreds of people tell their stories. Kevin’s stories of growing up in Tennessee, coming of age in Washington, DC, and taking on life's challenges with his combination of Southern charm and big-city grit, moved and inspired all who had the good fortune to hear them. His work directing SpeakeasyDC’s Born This Way and Don’t Ask, Do Tell created important and lasting connections with SpeakeasyDC and the LGBT community. 

    Every moment Kevin chose to share with SpeakeasyDC was a blessing. He is and will be very missed. Listen to The Moth podcast on May 26 to hear one of Kevin's stories or go to SpeakeasyDC's YouTube channel for many more. Visit this page to see all the beautiful comments and photos that have been posted in his honor. A memorial service will take place on April 11, 2015 at 11am at All Souls Church (1500 Harvard St, NW). All are welcome. 


    Amy & The SpeakeasyDC team

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