SpeakeasyDC is hiring (applications are no longer being accepted)

    News and Information January 23rd, 2014 By Amy Saidman
    SpeakeasyDC is hiring (applications are no longer being accepted)

    We are SOOOO sad to see our beloved Sheri Macatangay leave, but she's off to start an exciting new life in San Francisco. Sheri was the first person to take the position of Program Coordinator at SEDC back in April 2012.  I am lucky that she was the first person to take this job, because it was also the first time I had ever had an "employee" to manage. She handled my trial-and-error method with grace and patience. She learned the job quickly and embraced the mission and the community with enthusiasm and sincerity. She improved and streamlined the way we operate in a lot of ways, and gave me new insights into the way things work in the corporate world and (though she's going to kill me for sharing this) lessons learned from her sorority. She even took a Storytelling 101 and did the final performance despite seriously wanting to vomit from stage fright (but she was great!). Above all, it's been wonderful for me to have a partner, a confidant, a sounding-board, and an advocate.  Someone in the Bay Area is about to be very lucky when she shows up on their doorstep looking for a job.

    She's is going to be tough to replace, but we are going to try.  (We are no longer accepting applications).


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