UK Dispatch #1

    Deep Thoughts from the Director July 29th, 2014 By Amy Saidman
    UK Dispatch #1

    The last time I was in London, Bill Clinton was president and Tony Blair was the prime minister. And it was Christmas, so it was cold and nothing was open. I spent most of my time eating peanut butter sandwiches in my friend’s dorm room. I’m expecting this trip to be a step up.

    This time, I get to represent DC as part of the US storytelling team that will compete against a bunch of smug British storytellers. (Listen you hooligans – I’m not afraid of your stupid accents. We all know it’s fake, anyway). Thanks to Bill Hillman of Chicago’s Windy City Story Slam and his London contact, Mary Lockwood, for organizing this. (Worth noting that Bill just recovered from getting his ass kicked by a bull soon after a SpeakeasyDC performance at Town about someone else getting their ass kicked at the Running of the Bulls). There will be storytellers from Boston's MassMouth and Boulder's Truth Be Told, too. The UK will have some tellers from Spark London (check out their podcast) and I’m not sure who else will represent from the UK, but who cares anyway cuz winners don’t need to give a crap about their lowly opponents.  

    I'm dreading the 12-hour journey, but fortified with a collection of five iTunes rentals that look thoroughly engrossing (see below), a book called Storytelling for Lawyers, and some trashy magazines. I’m not a talker on planes. I’m afraid of the talkers. At best, they'll cut into my movie time;  at worst they will talk to  me about Jesus.  So, I’m all about hunkering down with some ear buds and making as little eye contact as possible. Besides, I tend to fall asleep before the plane gets off the ground (I’m not exaggerating).

    The show isn’t until Aug 11 at The Book Club, but I’m going early so I can check out the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – the first Fringe fest ever  - and the biggest. Pretty psyched to check it out if the dollar to pound exchange rate doesn’t kill me.  Already have tickets to three awesome looking shows -- Bromance Be-Dom, and Bianco. Will keep you posted!!


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