Are you ready for Tour de Telling?

    News and Information March 12th, 2014 By Meredith Maslich
    Are you ready for Tour de Telling?

    We are excited to launch our second annual Tour de Telling (#TdT2014) spring fundraising campaign on April 8, 2014.

    So what’s the deal with Tour de Telling? The short answer is it's a friendly team competition for storytellers and friends to raise money to support SpeakeasyDC. Structured as a virtual bike race. Teams of up to six people compete to raise money pretty much anyway they want, including, but definitely not limited to, bakes sales, happy hours, five-course sit-down dinners, pledge drives, gold fish eating contests (Ok not so much that last one. There are some limits!).

    Join us for the kick-off party on April 2 at Acre 121! Teams will get together to start strategizing, psyching out the competition, and getting any last minute questions answered.  [For more information and to RSVP, check out our event page on Facebook]
    We will be reporting the teams progress on Facebook and Twitter so stay tuned for shout-outs for our intrepid teams as they race along a virtual course. Want to learn more about the teams or start your own? More information is available here. Every week we’ll give out prizes – one to the team in the lead that week, and one to a donor. Imagine the prizes are like water stops with cheering fans if folks were sweating it out in an actual race. The top finishers will get medals, great prizes and bragging rights. Lots of bragging rights.

    Want to get involved or start your own team? There’s still time to pull a team of up to six people together. Email to register. Tweet to #TdT14 if you need other team members and we will put the word out.

    Already have a team? Please register your team today!

    Be sure to “Like” SpeakeasyDC  on Facebook to stay current on TdT happenings and all of what is going on at SpeakeasyDC.  We are excited to have you join us as we set off on this race together!

    Thank you,
    Meredith Maslich and Chris Kingsley
    TdT Event Chairs

    PS. Can’t join a team, but still want to donate? Donate through the fundraising page.

    Q: How do the teams raise the money?

    Short Answer: Any way they want (short of prostitution, extortion, or drug sales).
    Long Answer: SpeakeasyDC provides several built in opportunities to raise money including:  a bake sale at the Second Tuesday Show at Town on April 8 (opening day); a silent auction at the May 13th Second Tuesday Show; an actual bike loop to three DC breweries with stories and beer at each stop (date TBD); and several other options that will be included in the Race Information Packets that each team captain will get when they register. Beyond those events, it’s up to each team. Generally teams come up with a strategy that’s a combination of asking friends and family to donate directly and organizing fundraising events.  All team members are invited to the April and May shows at Town for free, you’ll meet new people and make new friends, and you’ll have the chance to win great prizes.

    Q: Why are we raising money for SpeakeasyDC?
    A: Because we loooooovvvve SpeakeasyDC! And SpeakeasyDC loves us! Plus, we are a non-profit and we have to fundraise in order to maintain the quality of programing you have come to know and expect. From stories about the LGBT to the Jewish experience, go-go and go-getters, we are dedicated to sharing diverse perspectives and fostering real human connections through the power of narrative driven true-life stories.

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