A Secret We Shared, Story District’s Board is expanding

    Everyday Stories May 10th, 2016 By Chris Kingsley

    Six years ago, I found Story District the way a lot of you did – by word of mouth from a friend who’d been making the pilgrimage to Town every month to share in the off-beat spectacle of authentic, true stories in front of one of DC’s warmest crowd. At the time it felt like a secret we shared with a few hundred friends, and a connection point in a city where so many of us were new and busy selling other people’s stories. And slowly I realized that the experience so many of us had through Story District wasn’t an accident. Amy Saidman and her team had assembled this amazing engine for creating community, inviting the audience to step up and speak up on new stages all over the DMV.

    My own contribution hasn’t been as a storyteller or a teacher but as a member of Story District’s board, where I’m lucky to serve with an extraordinarily committed group of artists, advocates and businesspeople. We are, by intention, a diverse group: some of us have nonprofit management experience, others not at all; some were born and raised here, others gravitated to Story District because they wanted to nurture an arts organization like the ones they supported in Boise or Cleveland. All of us have been generous and committed to Story District’s mission and, together, we’ve guided Amy and her army of staff and volunteers, teachers and storytellers through an immense amount over the past several years. As a consequence of that growth, we are looking to add two new members to the board in 2016 and – if you are passionate about storytelling and the arts community in DC – I would encourage you to apply to join us.

    Story District Board

    Story District has some amazing opportunities ahead of it. We have nearly doubled in size since 2013 – in budget, classes and audiences – and successfully launched a new consulting practice that works with businesses to help them tell their own stories better. This year Story District will hang its shingle out in Petworth with a new street-side space for classes. And thanks to remarkable support from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, we are undertaking a number of planning activities to take advantage of the opportunities our new size and space afford us.

    If you’ve ever thought about how else you could support Story District, consider being a board member. As JR Russ said in his invitation last year, it is a tremendously fulfilling way to give back to a community that you are already a part of.

    For more information & to be considered please:

    1. Email board member JR Russ

    2. Attend at least one of two pre-show meet & greets at Town, on Tuesday, June 14 before “Notorious: Stories about fleeting moments of infamy and glory”, or on Tuesday, July 12 before “Scandal: Stories about secrets, double-crossing, double-lives”. Exact details will be sent with your email RSVP. 

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