2016 Themes

    News and Information October 20th, 2015 By Ben Thomas

    The votes are in, the die is cast and now all we need is you! 2016 themes are below. If you want to tell your story on stage, complete the form at least six weeks before the show date (the earlier the better) and pitch your story to the story line. If your story is selected you will work with Story District's senior storytelling coach Stephanie Garibaldi to polish your story. You do not have to take class (or have taken a class) to pitch or get on stage. 

    2016 Themes


    JAN Jumping the Gun Stories about leaping before you look
    FEB I Can't Feel My Face Stories about altered states and enlightenment
    MAR True Detective Stories about whodunnits, mysteries, and investigations
    APR Fools Rush In Stories about acting rashly, being naive, and doing dumb shit
    MAY Ugly Duckling Stories about drastic transformations
    JUN Notorious Stories about fleeting moments of infamy and glory
    JUL Scandal Stories about secrets, double-crossing, double-lives
    AUG All about the Benjamins, Baby Stories about making a buck, striking a deal, and working the system
    SEPT Whiskey Dick Stories about impotence and under-performance
    OCT Seven Deadly Sins Stories about pride, greed, envy, wrath, sloth, lust, and gluttony
    NOV Soap Opera Stories about draaaaammma
    DEC Divine Intervention Stories about when something saves the day or turns the tide

    Key Points

    • Pitch your story at least six weeks before show of choice (earlier is better) 
    • Performances take place every 2nd Tues of the month at Town Danceboutique
    • Rehearsal takes place about two weeks prior to show (mandatory)

    Ready to pitch? Click Here to pitch your story. 

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