Identified as the “gold standard in storytelling” by The Washington Post and nominated for the DC Mayor’s Arts Award for Innovation in the Arts, Story District has been blazing a trail for contemporary autobiographical storytelling in the DC area since 1997.

    At Story District, we believe that true-life storytelling promotes compassion and community by deepening an understanding of the self, the other and the world. Our mission is to increase the frequency, quality, impact, and reach of these story-exchanges through a continued commitment to: pursuing excellence in the craft; developing world-class performances that attract large and eager audiences; offering extensive coaching and training; creating opportunities for new voices and emerging artists; and serving as a platform for diverse perspectives and challenging topics. 

    Each year, Story District produces more than twenty-five unique shows including a monthly series and signature annual partnerships including Top Shelf, Sucker For Love, My So Called Life, Born This Way, Story District Shorts, Story Showdown, and more.  Story District also creates performance opportunities for more than 150 new and seasoned storytellers, provides intensive coaching for every person who gets on the Story District stage, and leads more than a dozen one-day, multi-week, and custom classes for people, companies, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community groups who wish to tell extraordinary stories on stage, at work and beyond.

    Through our shows, classes, coaching, and community events, we hope that we create opportunities for you to reflect on your own life, connect with other people in a meaningful way, embrace different perspectives, flex your creative muscles, listen and be heard, and explore what it means to be human.


    Watch this video to get a sense of what we do: